commercial content

We use stories to make your business come alive. We transform your product or service from a one-dimensional commodity in the mind of your target audience into a three-dimensional solution that they can connect with. 

Video can help you achieve your business goals! Don't know where to start? This is what our process looks like:


- We start by understanding your business, your goal and your target audience.

- Then we decide the best kind of storytelling that will resonate with that audience. It could be documentary-style, humorous or emotional. It may star you, actors, your customers or a spokesperson. It's all about finding the right way in so you get the most out of your investment. 

Check out some of our work below: a selection of recent still images and videos produced for clients as promotional material, internal training delivered online, recruitment marketing campaigns, business communications, online content, product catalogues and more...


Get in touch to discuss your next project - we can't wait to work with you! 


Aerial photography adds that wow factor to any production and is becoming increasingly popular. CineRaw has a dedicated team specialising in drone aerial photography and video. Check out some examples below and if you are ready to take your production to another level, give us a call! 

live bands & music videos

Online video is  the perfect way for musicians and artists to express their songs visually. CineRaw Productions is actively involved in the local live music scene thanks to our friendly neighbours downstairs (literally!) at Soundworks Studio in the heart of Marrickville. We love making music videos and shooting bands in action during rehearsals or at live gigs. We can apply a real-life, visual layer to a band or artist’s original song to present the song in the best way possible and tell a story to a wide audience.

behind the scenes

Behind the scenes video is a great add-on to most photoshoots or video productions. BTS doesn’t have to be too expensive and can be a high-return venture generating social media traffic. The non-scripted, off the cuff and sometimes humorous insight to what transpired in 'the making of' reveals the lighter side of a company or product.